Big five reflection

I remember a few weeks before I actually took the plunge to my first blog post, I kept wondering what a good subject would be. What wasn't out there that I was good at. Three things were in my mind - gardening, decorating, and organizing. Well, as you know, I picked organizing.

Big five reflection

Personality Assessment 1 One of the careers suggested for me that I researched about was ballistics expert. They compare evidence found at the crime scene to fabricated evidence made in the lab to learn more about the actual evidence.

The fabricated evidence is made by test firing guns. The two evidences are usually compared using a microscope. Ballistic experts also testify in court to show their finding and explain how the suspect used their firearms during the crime.

According to the personality and life value test, it says I tend to think things through before acting and that I like to have a good understanding of the ideas behind a job or situation.

I suppose these aspects of my personality would bode for this job. A ballistics expert needs to thoroughly examine all the evidence before making and conclusions. It seems like a meticulous process of going through evidence and testing it against fabricated lab evidence, but I would definitely be able to deal with all of that.

I enjoy carefully going through data and analyzing it to come up with a final solution. Doing research and piecing information together for a practical solution is just something that gives me satisfaction. I am an organized person, so keeping facts straight would not be a problem. There does not seem to be much room for creativity, but I would be ok with that because I like structure.

Overall I do not think that I would like to actually do this job. Learning about crime scenes may be interesting at first but it could get disheartening after a while. Also the work environment seems like it would be depressing because you are by yourself most of the time firing guns and looking under microscopes.

I do not think I would be able to deal with that day in and day out. The job definitely does fit many of my personality traits, but I do not think it would be right for me.

Personality Assessment 2 1.

Big five reflection

In regards to the extraversion portion of the test, it reported that I am introverted and that I prefer solitary activities and social with predominantly a few close friends.

I scored low on extraversion 16friendliness 10gregariousness 5and excitement seeking 7. I scored average on assertiveness 59activity level 55and cheerfulness In regards to the agreeableness portion, I scored low and the test reported that I show more concern for myself than others and that people see me as tough, critical, and uncompromising.

I scored very low on agreeableness 5trust 7morality 13altruism 14modesty 10and sympathy 0. I scored highly on cooperation In regards to the conscientiousness section of the test, I scored very highly. The test reported that I set clear goals and pursue them with determination.

It also said that people regard me as reliable and hard-working. I scored very high on conscientiousness 99self-efficiency 98orderliness 98dutifulness 71achievement striving 80self-discipline 99and cautiousness In regards to the neuroticism section, I scored low, which indicates that I am calm, composed, and unflappable.

I scored low on neuroticism 6anxiety 17anger 1depression 21immoderation 2and vulnerability 3. I scored high on self-consciousness Finally, in regards to the openness to experience portion, I scored fairly low which indicates that I like to think in simple terms and that I am down-to-earth and practical.Cool sophistication is the unmistakable vibe onboard Celebrity Reflection, the final -- and biggest -- of the five ships in the line's Solstice Class.

Oct 08,  · Week 4 Reflection. Hardy-Weinberg. To understand this, we reviewed the five mechanisms of evolution (gene flow, genetic drift, natural selection, mutation, and non-random mating). Remember that p+q are the allele frequencies (the big bucket of sperm and eggs) and p^2 + 2pq + q^2 are the genoTYPE frequencies.

Individual Reflection – Big Five Personality Test After taking the Big Five Personality Test I’ve concluded that it is a fairly accurate assessment of my personality.

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1) On Openness to Experience/Intellect I ranked at the 53 percentile, with the description that I . Sep 07,  · The key concept of the Filemaker database is the many-to-many relationship between authors and organizations and between sponsors and papers.

One author may be a member of multiple organizations and one organization may have multiple authors. Jun 03,  · Reflection on PSL Investment: Year Five I was doing some research on PSLs and came upon this thread by member Enrico Pallazzo: Reflection on PSL Investment: Year One I was wondering how everyone else feels, now that we're 5 years into this system.

Looking at the PSL marketplace sales (Excel required), club PSLs seem to be the big losers in this system.

Five Questions for Reflection

Thinking about a Child's Need for Reflection. By Kristina Kenegos Sullivan.

Big five reflection

about the author. It is one thing to absorb a fact, to situate it alongside other facts in a configuration, and quite another to contemplate that fact at leisure, allowing it to declare its connection with .

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