Jacquelines studies

Amanda Mcbeth Ballet Director Candace has always had a great love for dance and was enchanted with ballet the first time age 3 she saw the Nutcracker.

Jacquelines studies

Contact Me December I have wanted to write something in the condolence book for sometime.

Thank you for signing the Guest Book for Jacqueline Fetherston.

Miss Fetherston was my social studies teacher in grades 10 and 12 at St. She inspired me to work Jacquelines studies and to think critically for myself. I have distinct memories of her and can still hear her voice and her laugh even after all this time.

I remember fondly her sense of humour, her timing with her humour, and how much we enjoyed her in class.

I remember sometimes how she would ask us open-ended rhetorical questions which were aimed at getting us to think, but more than that, through them, I saw that she was already thinking about the topics she raised.

In one class in Grade 12, I distinctly remember her showing us photos on flash cards of major events and famous people from the s.

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I remember too that she was a beautiful woman. Tiny and attractive in many ways, and yet I have no recollection of having had a crush on her. I was a very young person when I knew her and she was my teacher. With her beauty, she carried herself with dignity, professionalism, and served as a fine example of what we could be.

It might have been the first time I ever had the chance to see all those qualities mixed together in a woman, and I was able to stay distant enough from them to appreciate them as I still do, as a colleague, a friend, or in my case at the time, a student.

Jacquelines studies

I never knew that she became the president of the ATA, but I am certainly impressed. I think she made much of herself and I will use that now to inspire me.

I have been truly saddened by this. She was very special to me and I already miss the chance we might have had to meet again.

I want to think that she would have been proud of me. I live presently in Quebec City and yet work often in Ottawa so I travel a great deal between the cities. When in Ottawa, I rent a room in a small house on the Quebec side where the landlady speaks only French.

I have been working hard to become bilingual. In the summer time, I managed to get a copy of the funeral card given out at the February funeral service for Miss Fetherston, and when I got back from Calgary, I showed the card to my landlady where I rent the room.

Jacquelines studies

Miss Fetherston is smiling brightly in the photo on the front face. I showed it to my landlady and explained in French what had happened, and when I was finished, my landlady handed the card back to me and said she had a pretty smile.

And she did have a pretty smile, she truly did.Jacqueline Singh has 25+ years of experience creating new departmental offices, programs, committees, and innovations while working collaboratively in evaluation, Title: Founder / Executive Evaluation & .

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