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Online friends making

Refusing to attend school or participate in extra-curricular activities Extreme test anxiety Low self-confidence and feelings of inferiority Hypersensitivity to judgment or criticism Drinking alcohol before social events to calm anxiety For youth under 18 years old, the DSM notes that symptoms must last for at least 6 consecutive months for a diagnosis of social anxiety disorder.


If you suspect your child may have social anxiety, Gonzalez-Heydritch recommends asking yourself a series of questions, including: Does your child seem excessively shy? Does your child blush often?

Does your child avoid attention?

Online friends making

Does your child fear criticism? If your child afraid of doing things when others are watching? Does your child avoid speaking to authority figures? Does your child experience trembling or shaking when others are around?

Does your child cling to you in social settings?

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Does your child avoid talking to classmates on the phone? Does your child avoid joining clubs or attending parties? Four Ways Parents Can Online friends making If you think your child is suffering from SAD, you can take these four steps to help reduce their anxiety and help them make friends.

Teach Calming Strategies Anxious feelings trigger physiological changes in the body. Among the first signs of anxiety? When we breathe quickly, the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide gets off-kilter, resulting in other physiological changes such as an increased heart rate, muscle tension and dizziness — all of which mimic the sensations anxiety produces.

Have your child sit in a comfortable position with their back straight. They should place one hand on their belly and one hand on their chest.

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Ask your child to slowly inhale through their nose for four seconds; they should feel the hand on their belly rise, while the hand on their chest stays almost still.

Have your child hold the breath for two seconds, then exhale slowly through the mouth for six seconds. Now the hand on their belly should move in, while the hand on their chest remains almost still. Continue to inhale for four seconds, hold the breath for two seconds, and exhale for six seconds.

Ask your child to focus on the movement of their breath, creating a steady, calm pattern. Conquer Negative Thoughts Children who experience SAD are often overwhelmed by negative thoughts and beliefs that both reinforce and underlie their anxiety.

Teaching your child to challenge these negative thoughts by replacing them with positive, yet realistic, thoughts can help reduce anxiety.

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For kids with social phobia, negative thoughts generally fall into one of these categories: Believing that everyone else sees them through a negative, critical lens: Teach your child to challenge these negative thoughts by asking questions about them: Teach Problem Solving Often, children with social anxiety practice avoidance techniques to stay away from the situations that cause them stress and fear.

For parents, it often seems simpler to just take over and do the things that your child wants to avoid, such as ordering for them in restaurants or making phone calls for them.

Instead, encourage your child to take control of their social anxiety by teaching a problem solving approach. For each possibility that your child comes up with, ask several questions: What would be the worst possible result?

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Online friends making

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