Research in festival

It highlights original research from Sacred Heart students, who present their projects to faculty and fellow students. The capacity for such research is vital for those moving on to graduate work in their fields. In fact, the preparation and presentation involved impart skills beneficial not only to those continuing in academia but also to those looking to enter the workforce after graduation.

Research in festival

These workshops are not curated by the Movement Research Festival Fall Performance Archive Opening Night: Movement Research at the Judson Church Skeleton Architecture is a vessel of Black womyn and gender nonconforming artists rooted in the rigor and power of the collective in practice.

We create, organize, advocate, gather, curate, perform, play, challenge, and teach through the depth of our ancestral knowledges toward the liberated future of our worlds. One of our core values is prioritizing the "us" versus our productivity. Croix for hurricane relief.

Research in festival

It is our duty to contribute to relief and recovery efforts and to support our brothers, sisters, families, and communities in the Caribbean.

It is our duty, it is our obligation, it is our responsibility to reach out to our communities in this time of dire need. The Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute is committed to raising resources to be equally divided amongst on the ground community cultural institutions working with the most vulnerable communities requiring immediate assistance in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, St.

I know that our sacred communities, friends, and neighbors are all committed to assisting. Give what you can in whatever ways you are able to. Remember to be generous. Today, our friends and families on the islands are affected.

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Tomorrow, it could be us. Please make the effort to contribute what you can. It is our humanity, our love of others, and our devotion to family and friends that have provided the resilience and power to sustain.

Let us continue to demonstrate the very kindness that binds us in this moment.The latest Tweets from Festival of Research (@Festivalofrese1). All event information and updates posted throughout the festival taking place 25th June to 20th July Salford, England.

The twice-annual Movement Research Festival explores contemporary dance forms through performances, classes, workshops, contact jams, multimedia installations and discursive formats.

For two days at the annual Spring Research Festival, Fort Detrick was abuzz with scientific discussion as researchers and visitors from the site’s many resident government agencies and contractors gathered to share findings and recognize collaborative research.

The music festival has already been used in the health sciences to access groups of young people for research purposes; however, psychological research has been limited. Lim and colleagues () recruited year old participants for an article on sexual health at the Big Day Out, an Australian touring music festival.

On May 16, at its second annual Community Science Festival, City of Hope will offer kids an insider's view on scientific research. The Undergraduate Research Festival sponsored by the Center for Undergraduate Research (CUR) celebrated the breadth of research projects being conducted by undergraduate students and their faculty mentors in a variety of labs and classrooms across campus.