The crossing by gary paulsen essay help

This book is rated on the lexile score, and it is easy to read. It was recommended by the Gates Common Core committee. Now his life consists of begging for money, always being hungry, fighting off older boys who steal the little money he gets, and running from men who want to kidnap him and sell him as a slave.

The crossing by gary paulsen essay help

Gary Paulsen I am going to talk about this book called the crossing.

The Crossing Summary -

I am also going to talk about why all those people wanted to cross the bridge. Also what his great idea was. But also I can see his reasoning. In this book a lot of people wanted to cross this bridge, including Manny the little boy he was very tempted to cross.

Manny wanted to cross that bridge into the other side because he was so poor and he had nobody, no family, no food, no money, he was just a poor orphan with absolutely nothing. Then he came with a brilliant idea I thought. Manny decided that at night when no one is out that he would swim across the bridge at night.

Then this sweet nice women gave him some food just before he got ready to do his idea to help him and the people on the other side.

the crossing by gary paulsen essay help

Manny got ready that night and finally started crossing. Did Manny Bustos get a cross the bridge nobody knows. Gary Paulsen January 7, at 7: My reaction to the character Manny and his adventures attempting to cross the border was that I was scared, sad, and frenetic that Manny dared himself to cross the borer while walking in a river called Rio Grande where the some mud is.

The the crossing by gary paulsen essay help was a little boring when I was reading it had 12 chapters it took me a three days to read that book but the end Manny and his friend Robert got arrested from crossing the border. That part made me sad. Gary Paulsen made this book called the crossing.

But why Gary Paulsen wrote this book? January 7, at 7: I think I had multiple reactions to this book. From the top of my head I can say I had about 3 reactions. One was being scared for Manny because he was young to be on his own.

Second reaction was happy that he was able to get money from people that were complete strangers. I was happy because it felt like none was caring for him. Last reaction was worried. I was worried because a man almost shot him. I think that is very important because Manny keeps risking his life and he is only 14 years old!

One reaction is happy. I think that was great because he can feed himself and not be dehydrated. He should take that no matter what because where he lives. Plus he can get hurt from people that are dangerous and drunk biy have a good time.

I am going to make a 4 paragraph about the book THE CROSSING because there was a kid named Manny and Manny lived a hard life because he had no money he only had little breakfastlunch or dinner and he had a old mother that could had done nothing and he wanted to leave and also Maria would give Manny food because she knew he was poor and he needed money if he wanted to live in the place he living now which is Mexico and he was thinking and thought to run away from the place he is living in now and Manny told Maria that he was crossing the border.

Manny wanted to cross because he had no family he was poor and he had no place to live in but a cardboard box but the thing he did have in Mexico was his friend Maria and Maria was the one that gave him the food to eat and he had left her back there. I thought he was not going to cross the border and he was confused he did not know what to do he had thoughts in his head and he did not know he would not cross he did cross he did not know what to do.

He thought that he could not cross the boarder because there was police and he has going to get away and they were going catch him and he was in deep trouble because he picked to cross the boarder and Manny was living a horrible life he lived in a cardboard and he had no family so he tried to live some were different so he would be able to live the life he wants to.

Life growing up as an orphan was hard for Manny Bustos because it was hard to survive ,it was hard to find food to eat ,and it was hard to find a place to sleep. Manny Bustos also had to sleep in alleys with drunks and garbage.

And people like tourist that filled the streets in the after noon were disrespectful to him and swore at him.

In the usual flow of Manny Bustos life things had to work very fast for Manny Bustos or not at all and because he had to live fast he did not know things like they were suppose to be learned. But every morning when he woke up and the suns rays shines from the rips of the cardboard box to wake him up he went to the market.

But at the end Manny Bustos crosses the Rio Grande risking it all. In this book Manny character wanted to cross a bridge in Mexico.

He did this because he was poor and he wanted to move somewhere that would give him courage to try something new. Manny did not have any one to care for him he was an orphan living in a cardboard box on the streets by himself. He had a struggle crossing the bridge because many things stood in his way.Anti Essays offers essay examples to help students with their essay writing.

Our collection includes thousands of sample research papers so you can find almost any essay you want. The Crossing Gary Paulsen Essays and Research Papers. Gary Paulsen was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where his extended family resided, to Oscar and Eunice H.

Paulsen has two siblings: a full sister, Paulette, and a half-brother Bill who was born to his father from a previous marriage. Complete summary of Gary Paulsen's The Crossing. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Crossing. The main conflict in Gary Paulsen's The Crossing concerns fulfillment of needs.

Both Manny, the Mexican street urchin, and Robert, the American soldier, have their own needs. Manny's need is to.

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The Crossing Essay & Project Ideas Gary Paulsen This Study Guide consists of approximately 13 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of The Crossing.

Complete summary of Gary Paulsen's The Crossing. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Crossing. The Crossing Summary Gary Paulsen. Homework Help The Crossing.

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